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Adolf Hitler was actually a vegetarian, animal-lover, an author, an artist, a political activist, economic reformer and nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. He enacted the world’s first anti-animal cruelty, anti-pollution and anti-smoking laws. Unlike the demonic portrait that history has painted of him, Hitler was beloved by his people and he wanted nothing but peace. By Germany was already going bankrupt to the Jewish financiers and couldn’t continue paying the billion Reichmark war reparations. Unable to even buy back their own coal from the “allies,” factories began closing and thousands of Germans became unemployed. In as revenge for Germany stopping payment to the Jewish international banksters, they devalued the Papiermark so sharply that within months millions of German families couldn’t afford food or rent. It took a wheelbarrow full of Papiermarks to buy a loaf of bread; thousands of Germans died of starvation. Stalin and the Jewish Bolsheviks were building concentration camps during this time, using Poland and other neighboring countries as a satellite to attack and takeover German soil. This was the pretext for Hitler’s rise to power.

Adolf Hitler: Psychological Profile

The facts are these: First, Jewry is absolutely a race and not a religious association. Through thousands of years of the closest kind of inbreeding, Jews have maintained their peculiarities far more distinctly than many of the peoples among whom they have lived.

Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from to , and Fuhrer of Nazi Germany from to As dictator of the German Reich, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September and was central to .

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Hitler ‘had tiny deformed penis’ as well as just one testicle, historians claim

Mr Cottrell has also written regularly about Jews. Enjoy your bullying of the lesser nation of Palestine while you can, because the white races are coming for you. Blair Cottrell Facebook post Mr Cottrell, who uploads videos of himself at a whiteboard explaining to his thousands of Facebook followers his philosophical beliefs, also appears to quote regularly from Hitler’s theories. In one video Mr Cottrell explains the power and importance of propaganda using concepts and even words from Hitler’s self-serving autobiography, Mein Kampf.

In another video, Mr Cottrell’s analysis of society and the need for force echo closely the “three pillars” sentiments expressed in Hitler’s writing.

It was believed to be Hitler’s final headquarters outside of Germany. From this photograph, it is hard to distinguish what exactly is pictured but it resembles a labyrinth. At the time the bunker was built, Hitler planned to invade Britain—which didn’t work out.

Some Twitter users say they wish they wouldn’t have voted for Donald Trump Image: Getty Get politics updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Millions of people around the world are unhappy at Donald Trump’s presidency – but now it seems some of his supporters aren’t too impressed either.

Appropriately for a president who loves Twitter , former backers have been expressing their regret at casting their ballot for him on the social media platform. Amid the fallout of Trump’s immigration ban one voter told him to “stop acting like Hitler” while others claim to be shocked by his early actions, despite largely matching the controversial promises he made on the campaign trail.

Read More Women MPs vow to boycott Donald Trump’s speech if he addresses Parliament Some Twitter users revealed they thought Trump, 70, was just grandstanding for the media and didn’t expect him to follow through with some of his promises. Others blasted the president because they feel let down or haven’t seen the “positive change” they were hoping for after last November’s election. Of course, there’s no way of proving that these ‘remorseful buyers’ did actually vote for Trump, although you can look at previous tweets on their time line to see if they previously posted messages of support for him.

Trump’s immigration ban – which sparked protests across the globe and has been halted by a federal judge – is a common source of regret among previous supporters. One Twitter user wrote: I supported you all the way.

Did Hitler Escape to Latin America

Follow It has long been suspected that Hitler’s conquest of Europe was an attempt to compensate for a lack of potency elsewhere. But the notorious playground rhyme about his testicles appears to have only told half the story, as a book claims the leader of the Third Reich had a micropenis. Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias which left him with an abnormally small manhood, according to historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie.

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This blog contains high levels of Hitler. My intention here isn’t to offend anyone or to “troll”, but when one talks about Hitler, one needs to do a disclaimer and say “I ain’t about that nazi shit, and I’m just reportin’ the facts”. The problem with truly that is that very people know who Hitler really was due to his often reclusive and timid nature. Despite his charismatic and blusterous speeches that mobilized Germany to national unity, his private life remains largely in question, leading many people to question whether or not Hitler was gay, religious, had only one testicle, was part of the occult, or even Jewish.

Among his staff, Hitler was known for being relatively quiet, with bursts of rage in between his moments of calm. From what I’ve read, Hitler did not smile often, and was usually in a state of depression. Hitler, in modern-day conversation and diatribe, is often referenced in a form of an absurd argument called Reductio ad Hitlerum. On the subject, Wikipedia reads “According to Strauss, the Reductio ad Hitlerum is an informal fallacy that consists of trying to refute an opponent’s view by comparing it to a view that would be held by Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party.

Does this make vegetarianism akin to Nazism? One thing that Hitler most certainly did during his lifetime was continuously breathe in and out, and everyone does that, unless there is some kind of Amazing Fish-Man that I don’t know about. But let’s back up a bit. What the hell am I writing about Hitler? Well, I was sick and basically asleep for the last 48 hours, so I had a lot of time to have a lot of interesting thoughts and dreams.


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Apr 29,  · Adolf Hitler had poor table manners and suffered flatulence Adolf Hitler had “shocking” table manners, gorged on cake in his bunker and suffered from flatulence, psychological profile documents show.

Ang Republika ng Weimar ay nahirapang kumapit sa lipunang Aleman at humarap sa matinding oposisyon mula sa mga ekstremistang kanan right wing at kaliwa left wing. Ang mga moderatong moderate mga partido na nangako ng isang demokratikong parlamentaryong republika ay patuloy na walang kakayahang pigilan ang paglago ng ekstremismo. Ang reperendum ng Alemanya noong ang nagpataas ng kasikatan ng ideolohiyang Nazi. Noong eleksiyon na naganap noong , natalo ang mayoridad majority ng mga moderato na nagresulta sa pagkakabahagi ng dakilang koalisyon at pagpapalit nito ng isang gabineteng minoridad minority.

Sa pagpapahintulot ng mga karamihan sa partido, ang pangangasiwa sa pamamagitan ng mga atas ay naging kagawian at ito ang nagbigay daan sa mga autoritariang anyo ng pamahalaan. Ang Nazi ay umangat mula sa hindi pagkakakilanlan hanggang sa pagkapanalo nito ng Ang paglakas ng pampolitika na kapangyarihan ni Hitler ay naramdaman sa paglilitis ng dalawang opiser ng Reichswehr na sina Tenyente Richard Scheringer at Hans Ludin noong tagsibol nang Ang parehong ito ay kinasuhan ng pagiging miyembro ng Nazi na sa panahong ito ay ilegal para sa mga personel ng Reichswehr.

Ang prosekusyon ay nangatwirang ang Nazi ay isang mapanganib na ekstremistang partido na nagtulak sa abogado ng mga isinasakdal na tawagin si Hitler upang tumestigo sa korte. Sa testimonya ni Hitler noong 25 Setyembre , isinaad ni Hitler na ang kaniyang partido ay nagpapaplanong umakyat sa kapangyarihan sa pamamagitan lamang ng demokratikong mga eleksiyon at ang Nazi ay kaibigan ng Reichswehr.

Ang testimonyang ito ni Hitler ang umani kay Hitler ng maraming mga tagasunod sa pangkat ng mga opiser. Ang kahinaang ito ay kinasangkapan ni Hitler sa pamamagitan ng pagpapatama ng kaniyang mga mensaheng pampolitika sa mga segmento ng populasyon na lubos na tinamaan ng inplasyon pagtaas ng presyo noong mga at kawalang trabaho gaya ng mga magsasaka, mga beterano ng digmaan, at gitnang klase middle class. Pormal na itinakwil ni Hitler ang kaniyang pagkamamamayang Austriyano noong 7 Abril ngunit sa parehong panahon ay hindi kumuha ng pagkakamamamayang Aleman.

Sa halos pitong taon, si Hitler ay walang estado kaya wala siyang kakayahang makatakbo sa isang pampolitika na puwesto bukod sa nahaharap sa panganib ng deportasyon.

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Although history these days is half fiction anyway, so many genocide’s get covered up and denied it’s ridiculous. Good part of why I don’t trust half of what is said by anything. Then there is the Armenian genocide, which system of the down has been trying to make people aware of for a long time now. We actually as a class visited a retiree center and we actually met quite a few who had been in the camps. This was all in highschool. We also had to do a reading of the mein Kamph and do a report on it as well.

Adolf Hitler’s sexuality has long been a matter of historical and scholarly debate, as well as speculation and rumour. There is evidence that he had relationships with a number of women during his lifetime, as well as evidence of his antipathy to homosexuality, and no evidence of homosexual name has been linked to a number of possible female lovers, two of whom committed suicide.

Farago’s list of Bormann’s treasure above has been partially verified by Adam Lebor, as he specifically list the same quantities of gold and diamonds. This brief look at the Bormann treasure transferred to Argentina readily illustrates the difficulty of sorting fact from fiction in the tales of Nazi loot. Author, Uki Goni has also presented proof of the difficulties encountered in relying on Argentina records.

He has found that those records have been purged of incriminating files on at least two different occasions. Several U-Boats arrived in Argentine waters after the capitulation of Germany. They were the carriers of bundles of documents, industrial patents, and securities. The following month, on 17 August, the U also arrived at La Plata. In accordance with international conventions, both U-Boats were interned by Argentina and later handed over to the United States authorities.

Both U , and U from Gruppe Seewolf, had the range for the southernmost landings. No proper investigation of U and U , considering all the declassified material, has been made to this point. The entire history of the final voyages of these two submarines is based on the US Navy interrogation reports of the crews once they arrived as captives in the United States. Now that they have been declassified we have a second story. The Argentines have chosen not to release the interrogations of the boats’ officers and crew but based on reports from Brazilian naval sources these are also believed to prove that neither voyage was what it seemed, the dates are faulty and we have been fed a pack of lies and deceit by the northern hemisphere to conceal the true purpose behind both voyages.

And neither boat had Hitler, Eva Braun nor Bormann aboard.


Historical accounts[ edit ] Hitler’s sex life has long been the subject of speculation and rumours, many of which were invented or “spiced up” by his political enemies. The evidence that exists about Hitler’s private life is largely from people in his inner circle, such as his adjutants, his secretaries, Albert Speer , the Richard Wagner family, and others. There is evidence that he had infatuations with a number of women during his lifetime, as well as evidence of his antipathy to homosexuality, and no evidence that he engaged in homosexual behavior.

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Share this article Share Londoner Andrew Spooner, who spotted the takeaway, tweeted: I kid you not. Complete with pic of Hitler in bow tie. Alan Robertson, 43, who lives in Bangkok, said: The craze has seen more and more teenagers strutting around in T-shirts bearing cartoonish images of the Nazi dictator. A shocking new trend has seen Bangkok flooded with cartoonish images of Hitler – including a popular design in which the dictator is merged with red-haired McDonalds mascot Ronald McDonald Incongruous: Cartoon pandas and Teletubbies are among the characters merged with Hitler in the bizarre fashion trend.

The designs feature a characteristic vicious expression and variety of Nazi symbols.

Hitler’s Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life by Timothy W. Ryback

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Adolf Hitler (20 April – 30 April ) was a German politician, demagogue, and Pan-German revolutionary. As leader of the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; NSDAP), he rose to power in Germany as Chancellor in and Führer (“Leader”) in Weight: 78 kg.

His voice is as quiet as his black tie… He has the sensitive hand of the artist. His eyes are almost the color of the blue larkspur in a vase behind him. Eighty years ago this month, they found a way: They put Hitler on trial in Madison Square Garden. A Moderate After All? Relatively little was known in America about Hitler when he first came to power in January Some prominent newspapers rushed to print with unduly optimistic predictions. Roosevelt encouraged such thinking.

They considered it unlikely that German Jewry would survive beyond a generation. Government-orchestrated violence and intimidation were used to force Jewish judges, attorneys, journalists, university professors, orchestra conductors, and musicians out of their jobs. Legislation dismissed Jews from all government jobs and banned them from a whole range of professions, from dentistry to the movie industry.

The government even sponsored a one-day nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses, with Nazi storm troopers stationed outside Jewish-owned stores to prevent customers from entering. President Roosevelt refrained from making any public statements about attacks against Jews in Germany.

Hitler A Profile 1of6 The Private Man