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We rated Luminar as “Highly Recommended”. Visit the Luminar web site to try it for free. The new D is identical to the previous D model apart from three new features. It can now shoot a burst sequence at 6fps, up from the D ‘s 5. Nikon have also taken the opportunitty to improve the auto white balance system, which now produces more accurate colour in artificial lighting and more realistic skin tones. Other highlights include a shutter unit designed for , actuations, an ISO range of , extendible up to 25, and down to 50; dual SD card slots with SDXC and UHS-I support; a dual-axis virtual horizon; in camera HDR exposure blending; and Full HD video capture at a variety of frame rates, with the ability to output an uncompressed live video stream to external recorders. The lower weight has mainly to do with the body material – the Nikon D has a body shell whose rear and top plates are made of metal but the front plate is plastic. That doesn’t make it any less sturdy – in fact, the D boasts the exact same level of weatherproofing as the D The right-hand grip is smaller but still quite comfortable, even if using the camera for an extended period of time. As far as its control layout is concerned, the Nikon D takes its cues from the D and D – but doesn’t quite duplicate either of them.

Nikon Rangefinder Camera Models 1, M

Nikon camera backs Many film cameras could be ordered with or without a camera back. Most compact film cameras had a ‘normal’ – and a ‘data back’ version. See for details the relevant chapter.

Nikon Df – A Powerful, Fun, Nostalgia-Inducing Camera The announcement of the retro-styled, full-frame Nikon Df caused plenty of interest and anticipation.

The one and only fake? The design, lay out of the body and technical specifications are – apart from some minor modifications – identical. Many parts are interchangeable, although collectors hate to do so. All cameras have a serial number starting with , referring to the date September when the camera was designed. After reaching numbering continues with an 8-digit, which was a bit too large. After some cameras with an 8-digit, Nikon’s serial numbering switched to xxxx, xxxx and xxxx.

Nikon Z 7 Review & Rating

This is a great lens and therefore has no flaws to write about. If you want one, buy one. They are all over the place second hand. The Series E was a discount lens from the late s. This has been a benchmark professional lens for decades and is built to the highest mechanical standard Nikon has ever attained, while the mm Series E was somewhat less sturdy, but still optically superb and better than most modern AF lenses.

I would leave the hood at home.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sigma 50mm f/ EX DG HSM Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Review by Markus Stamm and Klaus Schroiff, published May Introduction Carl-Zeiss is one of the legendary brands in the business thanks to a history dating back to the very beginnings of the optical industry. Regarding the number the key designs it can almost be described as its cradle established in Zeiss remained active and successful in other optical markets inc.

These classic lenses are designed in Germany but made by Cosina in Japan under Zeiss quality control. The original symmetrical Planar design was invented in ! In fact it is the most successful and most copied design in the business. In addition, the ZF-line remains available, but is now marketed for industrial applications only. The build quality of the full-metal Zeiss lens brass with chromium-plated brass front bayonet is superb.

The fluted focus ring feels exceptionally well damped. The supplied lens hood is made of metal as well. Unfortunately the high build quality is not inherited to the lens front cap which feels quite fragile and is a bit fiddly to handle.

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If the reflection of a light source in a lens shows blue or green images, if is probably MC. Number of diaphragm blades. Reputed to influence the bokeh or smoothness of out-of-focus images — more being better. Olympus has announced its discontinuation of the OM product line, with the last bodies and lenses produced in Mar Many lenses are still available new from dealers. From recent Shutterbug News, Web pages, etc.

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Center resolution on the 28mm E holds up pretty well, save for the far extremes of the aperture range. Corner sharpness is where everything falls apart. What surprises me is the 28mm E was designed to cover a 35mm full-frame. Even then, this is not a lens that gets close to sharp-across-the-frame performance. Sharpness at Infinity Unfortunately the same performance characteristics follow to the maximum focusing distance. To assess infinity sharpness I shot this uninspiring telephone pole with tiny orange numbers inscribed on the side: The little orange strip in the center is the target area for sharpness assessment.

Center crop is left, corner crop is right The difference in detail here is plainly visible. That said, sharpness at close focus is still great in the center, but just so-so in the corners.

The Nikon Z7 & Nikon Z6

If you haven’t, then please do a Yahoo or Google search on my name. I have repaired hundreds of F2 bodies, prisms and motors over the years, and I am now offering my personal service to you. I specialise only in F2 repairs and nothing else. I have a good stock of new and used spare parts, so I could still repair your F2 even if it is damaged or missing parts. Also, I have many F2 bodies, finders and motor drives for sale, from ugly to mint- condition. I am completely independent, and not associated with any organisation or shop.

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Both the screen size and the screen resolution is up to the standards of this class. D has a built-in Optical pentamirror viewfinder. Max Shutter speed Nikon D can shoot continuously at max speed of 5. Flash D has a built-in flash, and it also has a flash shoe to mount your external flashes too. Focusing Nikon D features both Contrast Detection and Phase Detection autofocus AF systems which ensures speed and accuracy of focusing in most situations. The AF system has 11 points to choose from.

Nikon F2as & DP12

The lens was one of the latest additions to the system discontinued just after the Millennium. Soon after its release the news spread that this lens is something special – user comments and reviews suggested that it was the best mass production ultra-wide lens ever produced. Due to the rather mediocre alternatives in the EOS land some Canon users were even desperate enough to use it via adapters on their EOS cameras At the peak of this crazy hype it was almost more an investment rather than a purchase.

Nikkor lens reviews for Nikon DX and FX cameras. Note that this section is a work in progress on the dslrbodies site. I’ve been wanting to rework my lens reviews for some time, and have slowly begun the process of doing so.

It lacks the video capture feature and flexible LCD available on the more robust D , but still has dust control and the point autofocus. A “guide” mode makes changing camera settings easier for beginners. Movie enthusiasts will be happy to hear two things: Sporting all the features of the popular D60, the D throws in a few extras: Nikon D July Packed with features, this camera includes a full frame Paired with a point autofocus sytems and a 5 photo per second continuous shot speed, the D should be ready for just about any photographic challenge you throw its way.

The big improvements are a dust control system that includes an airflow control to blow dust away from the sensor and improved autofocus. The D60 kit includes a vibration reduction VR lens for clearer photos in low-light conditions. With its standard EN-EL3e battery the camera zips along at 6 photos per second up to a maximum of If you add the optional MB-D10 battery grip, that speed increases up to 8 photos per second.

This speed is paired with a new dust control system , a new live view mode , an advanced autofocus and metering system called Scene Recognition , enhanced dynamic range active D-lighting and weather resistant seals. It’s a great tool for photographers who are learning terms like aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

👍Testing COMMLITE EN-EF1 Nikon-to-Sony AF Adapter + NIKKOR TELEPHOTO 300 f/4 & 200-500 f/5.6