UC Berkley’s infographic on Online Dating.

Although it’s something everyone might have at one time or another, when it happens to you, it’s no laughing matter. Further, it can be a big turn off for those around you and ruin your social life. At its worst, chronic bad breath can lead to some serious problems like anxiety, low self-esteem, and even depression. Click to View Dry Mouth Causes and Treatments If you’re over 25, you’re producing less and less saliva every day, which can lead to a condition called Xerostomia, or Dry Mouth. Click to View The Hard Facts about Tonsil Stones Tonsil stones can be a physical and social burden, causing physical discomfort and severe bad breath. Learn the hard facts about tonsil stones here. It’s important to take care of your whole mouth — every part of it has an impact on your oral health and avoiding embarrassing issues like halitosis. Click to View Bad Breath: A Dating Killer In this day and age, dating is a lot harder than it was for the Baby Boomer generation. Many things have changed, but the most obvious is having so many dating websites and smartphone apps at your fingertips.

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After you read this post be sure to get our newest free resource the Ultimate Guide to Apps for Parents! Downloading Tinder or Grindr on your smartphone takes less than a minute, next link it to your Facebook, so that your personal pictures upload. Not only is this extremely invasive, but very public as well. Yes, technology is taking over everything, but tell your teens that it does not have to control their relationships too!

The attention span on dating apps like Tinder lead many to believe that they can have their cake and eat it too, so to speak.

UC Berkley’s infographic on Online Dating. via By chintler On September 18, at PM.

These redditors made graphics to visualize their dating lives. She wears a Fitbit. She keeps a spreadsheet of hair products. When she wanted to make room in her closet, she tracked what she wore every day for more than a year, noting fabric type and wear, figuring out what to ditch and what to spare. McEwen got started young, first tracking her life with notebooks and then with Microsoft Excel.

Now the year-old freelance software developer uses Google Sheets and the project management software Trello, which is influenced by kanban, a Japanese system to maximize efficiency. And since , McEwan has tracked her dating life, recording which online app she uses for each interaction and how far along the messages go. Before that, filtering through all the messages had been nearly impossible.

Posted on the Data Is Beautiful subreddit , these graphs offer big-picture looks at the finer points of matching, messaging, dating and ditching. The graphics are sometimes imperfect and difficult to grasp at first glance, but they all tell a story, charting paths from initial messages to random hookups, from quick interest to gradual ghosting, from fiery first dates to loving long-term relationships.

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November 19, by: Crossway This article is part of the Infographics series. If someone observed an average day in your life, how would they see you spend your time?

Infographics are a great way to present stories, data, and knowledge. Here are 8 types of infographics and some basic tips on getting started with them.

Try Infogram for free What is an infographic? The most common definition of Infographic describes it simply as a visual representation of information and data. A data-rich visualization of a story. A tool to educate and inform. A way to build brand awareness. There’s a whole new audience of professionals interested in presenting data in a more compelling, insightful and engaging way. What makes a good infographic Infographics have the power to present complex data in a concise, highly visual way.

When done right, infographics tell data stories effectively by making information easy to digest, educational, and engaging Good infographics need to be focused with a clear idea of who the target audience is and what the core message will be. Start with a powerful title. Researchers at MIT conducted an eye-tracking study to determine how people process infographic information.

They found that good headlines are the key to audience retention. They draw your viewer in, explain the journey they are about to go on, and make them curious to learn more. Unlike individual charts and graphs, infographics focus on the flow of multiple visual elements. A good infographic is like a good story.

Online Dating Tips For Those Looking To Hookup [Infographic]

May 5, How soon is too soon to shack up? You and your partner have decided to make that next big step in your relationship and are ready to shack up together! While there are great things about living together i. While the majority of the respondents agreed that moving in together before marriage is the best choice, 18 percent felt that people should wait until they’ve tied the knot.

The folks at did the same, added some graphic design magic, and put them all together for the infographic below. If you’re dating now, have dated in the past, or plan on dating in the future, you might be surprised by some of these findings. Share widely. Tweet.

Program Manager October 26, Are you looking to tell a story with your data? Or have you ever wanted your charts and reports to be highly tailored to your specific topic? The new infographic designer custom visual for Power BI gives you the flexibility to achieve this and more! Check it out here in the custom visuals gallery.

The infographic designer custom visual lets you control the specific appearance of lists, bar charts, and column charts with precise control of shapes, color, and layout so that you can represent information in a way that best tells the story of your data. Combined with the ability to include custom shapes and images that can be bound to data, this precise layout control lets you build both simple pictograms and complex highly tailored visuals.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of what the infographic designer is capable of: Visualizing product sales using small multiples with an embedded pictogram… Creating a custom visualization for a ranked list — in this case for an interactive report ranking airline on-time performance for different origins and destinations… Or just telling a story about wine consumption by region… The infographic designer custom visual lets you do all this and more.

Tailoring charts to your story The infographic designer custom visual provides a complete set of layout and graphic customization options to turn data into information. Shapes can even be configured for specific values within the chart for more customization options. You can also choose to display a single image with a color fill as a percent of the total value or to tile the image to represent amount.

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Pinterest6 Recently my friend Keith texted me an awesome social media stats infographic that looked at six of the largest social media sites and compared stats and facts between them. I loved the Infographic but I noticed that some of the stats were off and when I dug deeper I found that the Infographic had old data and was from So I set to work and updated all of the stats in the infographic so that the social media infographic is up to date for You might be wondering what this social media stats infographic has to do with marketing strategy.

Quite a lot actually. Knowing which social media sites are growing will give you some insight as to which social media sites you should be allocating the most time to in your marketing strategy.


June, As you may have noticed, we write a lot about infographics because they are so great. But, do you know how and when they occurred and from where they come from? During prehistory, our early ancestors created the first informational graphics:

Dating-And-Love Featured Internet Online Dating Scams: How Scammers are Scoring Millions #infographic Online Dating Scams: How Scammers are Scoring Millions #infographic Opening yourself up emotionally, especially on a public online profile, takes a lot of courage and trust.

How-to guides The best infographics may look like they were simple to create, but designing an effective piece of data visualization is anything but. So why go to the effort of creating an infographic? Well, they say that every picture tells a story, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and images to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion.

Most importantly, great infographic design can translate complex data into something everyone should be able to understand at a glance. How do you design an infographic? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing infographics. However, there are several great tools to create infographics , which will help get you off to a great start.

And these examples of infographics from around the web will show you how you can take things a step further and add a bit of style and personality to your data.

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