Uncharted 2 matchmaking problems..

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta Downloadable Now, Matchmaking Issues Acknowledged

Download Free Uncharted 3 Patch 1. The second major patch for Uncharted 3: Uncharted 3 was hailed as one of the best installments in the series and delighted PlayStation 3 owners since the beginning of the month with its cinematic single-player campaign and its addictive online competitive and cooperative multiplayer. Now, the studio behind the title, Naughty Dog, has deployed the second patch for Uncharted 3, taking it to version 1.

The patch brings plenty of enhancements, including an option that lets you replay the cutscenes, but, most importantly, adds a new Alternate Aim Settings category to the Options menu, that lets you use a system similar to the one from Uncharted 2, instead of the new mechanics from Uncharted 3.

FROMAN teaches you how to change your NAT type to Open on your PlayStation 3. On the PlayStation 3, go to Settings-Network Settings-Settings and Connection Status List and write down your IP. Go to your PC and start your internet browser. Type in This will bring up the router settings page. Go to Applications and games and then DMZ.

Video Game Verified Purchase As an avid fan of the Uncharted series particularly Among Thieves , I was particularly excited for this new rip-roaring adventure into Drake’s Deception; even though the title doesn’t make any sense. Drake is never deceived nor does he ever deceive anyone. Sure there are twists, but then that would just mean that this would mean that Uncharted 2 would be “Deception Among Thieves” and this one would be “More Deception than you can shake a stick at”!

Regardless of the title, this game really stands out and makes a really good effort in trying to live up to the action-packed masterpiece that was U3’s predecessor. Though it doesn’t improve on as many aspects as U2 did to Drake’s Fortune, it still does manage to do a better job on a few of it’s aspects, from gameplay to graphics. Starting off this review, let’s touch base on the gameplay, which of course should be the most important aspect in any video game.

By god does it do the job. Absolutely every single thing that could be done in U2 is improved upon in this game. The jumping and platforming feels smoother and more refined and the gunplay feels more natural and has more weight to it. Melee deserves a special mention since, though everything was worked upon, and effort seems to have been especially made to make the melee feel more involving then it did in the previous games.

The fist combat includes many more animations and interestingly now has you using the environment and tools around you for example you can pick up a bottle if near you and smash it on an enemies head.

New Monster Hunter: World update irons out Xbox One matchmaking issues

I’ve been playing MP for a bit, recently, and I’m up to level 18 in it’s slower than all hell progression system. I’m getting the hang of the flow of gametypes like TDM and Team Objective playlists, but there are some glaring issues regarding the game that bug me. The varied maps I like the airport one, fuck the train map are a very good example of what the movement system can do. Then you get to the rest of the game and I feel myself fighting against the rest of it to really enjoy it.

The Version patch for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has gone live in US and EU territories, with Asian territories to share the update in the next few days.

RE7 creates a new bar for the genre, as its many fantastic elements come together to create one of the best horror game experiences of all-time. Grand Theft Auto V Genre: There are races, of course, heists, survival, free mode, flight school, time trials, cops n crooks, raids, and more. Origins is the game for you. Not only has Origins brought back all the good things about the AC series, the developers made a keen attempt to at least keep the setting and surrounding world true to historical records.

They even came out with the Discovery Mode, where you can wander around and learn everything there is to know about ancient Egyptian life without stumbling onto the plot or getting attacked by guards. That is to say nothing of the gameplay. The world is huge, immersive, and the gameplay is exciting and well worth the full price. By day, be prepared to study, take tests, join clubs, and make lots of friends. You might need the extra cash for the weapons you will use by night. At night you will be entering the minds of corrupt adults, fighting off their personas, and trying to save them from themselves.

Persona 5 is critically acclaimed as the best in the Persona series, having the largest world to explore, more characters to interact with, and the most intriguing plot. The replayability of Persona 5, much like its predecessors, is nearly infinite.

Uncharted 2

This is… a whole lot more than I was expecting from what I thought would be a quick fix patch. I still say they should get around to making a boss with this as a mechanic. That was a bug? Are they sure about that? Could this be the long-awaited gank squad nerf? Needing to actually manage their resources instead of having, you know, functionally infinite everything.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’s wiki: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is a action-adventure third-person shooter platform video game developed by Naughty Dog, with a story written by script-writer Amy Hennig. “We [have] found a problem with matchmaking a couple of hours ago and a fix is on its way. Today will be a better day.

Drake’s Deception realises what we dreamed video games would one day become. Lawrence’s poignant phrase as the curtain raises on Uncharted 3: Like others, we dared to dream. For 20 years we longed for a cinematic interactive experience capable of rivalling those we watch on the silver screen. Each of our experiences in the interim have felt like stepping stones on the path to Uncharted 3. It may sound hyperbolic — and some will disagree — but Uncharted 3 emphasises the very reason we play video games.

For us, Uncharted 3 is the strongest series. It’s a culmination of everything Naughty Dog has been striving to achieve, and it comes together so effortlessly that it’s rather startling. Most great games have one or two memorable moments. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had the nuclear bomb. Red Dead Redemption had the horse ride into Mexico.

BioShock had the famous “would you kindly” twist.

Uncharted 3 can’t play my dlc maps

Previous Quite why 3D performs better than split-screen mode is an interesting matter for discussion. The 3D mode has a higher pixel throughput, so it’s clearly not about fill-rate. We can only imagine that rendering two entirely different views and processing two sets of game logic must put much more of a load on the engine than the 3D mode, where only one game instance is running and where the two viewpoints being rendered have so much in common.

YouTube is typically rather stingy with bandwidth, so we would recommend the p version for the best possible image quality.

Mar 05,  · I’m in love with Uncharted 3 and I’ve really gotten into it. Apart from the unfair matchmaking at times and the overpowered or over-nerfed guns, Uncharted 3 has a lot going for it. In the end though, the choice is : Resolved.

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Uncharted 3 patch brings back original aiming mechanics

By Peter Chubb – Oct 10, While playing Uncharted 3 beta you will get the urge to use the L1 button to aim at a target, just as you do in many other games. However, you are advised not to, as not aiming rewards you with more kills. So if you want to progress in the game, then blind hip firing is the way to go.

The original Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune remains one of my favourite PlayStation 3 games. It has a well constructed and witty treasure-hunting narrative, lush and beautiful graphics, and compelling.

During the early years before my epiphany, I put together one unfinished amateur project after another — and without even programming, using tools like Multimedia Fusion and Construct 2, it dawned on me just how long and difficult a process development is. Other games like Metroid Prime and Dead Space have been lauded by players for the way they create an atmosphere of tension and loneliness among the stars, and this game absolutely continues in that great tradition. My first moments with ADR1FT were the best, experiencing the horror as protagonist Alex Oshima wakes up to find the space station she was in charge of destroyed.

I felt quite sick during some sections as even the smallest debris or foothold seemed to send me careening, and slowly snapping back into an upright position with a press of the left trigger generally increased my nausea rather than alleviating it. Oftentimes, these games allow you plenty of time to stop and smell the proverbial roses, making environmental observation a key facet of their appeal. But while there are plenty of audio logs, email terminals and other things to check out along the walls of the destroyed space station here, I found myself rather unconcerned with them thanks to the aforementioned oxygen meter.

For the early part of your adventure, this thing absolutely buries any enjoyment you might have with the one element the game does well — the atmosphere — by forcing you to move in a linear path from one upturned box of oxygen canisters to the next. It also ruins the immersion: Who Knows, Who Cares? In games like Gone Home, the lead character was discovering things right along with the player. Why would she be stopping in the wake of a horrible tragedy, and in the middle of a dangerous situation, to slowly re-examine things that just happened?

What happened to rip this space station to pieces and kill most of the people inside? What really confuses me is that so many of its problems seem to stem from the conception level, including a bizarrely wrongheaded narrative, terrible controls and a mystifying lack of freedom thanks to the oxygen meter.

Reviewed on PlayStation 4.

Software update question

Che siano i ND o i re magi a farlo non mi interessa, abbiamo visto innumerevoli porcate negli anni, non sarebbe la prima e nemmeno l’ultima. Provo a caricarli in formato meno gigante Comunque su youtube ho visto dei video stupendi. Le mappe non sono lineari, hanno molti passaggi e si sviluppano anche in verticale.

The Uncharted series is the pinnacle of Video Game Art, and I am very happy to include Uncharted 3 within my vast library of games, and to hold it easily within my top ten favorite games ever. I am even more happy that all of Uncharted 3 Game of the Year edition has all of the DLC on disc!

I won’t sit here and be described as possibly being “misleading”. It was just because I had to ask An Empty Box about how to do the glitch months ago and he had no clue after a year! He’s the best Uncharted runner so I thought something was wrong. I even asked qubit theenglishman and he had no clue how to do it either. He’s a very accomplished gamer and if both of them couldn’t work it out I was very concerned.

That’s the only reason I put the glitch explanation as misleading. If one person has an issue then they are maybe just reading wrong but when many people have an issue then something is definitely wrong. So O, L2 ” personally I always thought that meant that frames after rolling you quickly pressed L2 but obviously you meant you press L2 very quickly when he is about to recover from the roll.

It was purely a timing issue that people were having.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Comments Shares The Version 1. Drake’s Deception has gone live in US and EU territories, with Asian territories to share the update in the next few days. The patch addresses a number of minor issues, but the big change is to the single player game’s aiming mechanics. At the behest of fans, it’s now possible to choose between Uncharted 3’s aiming style and that of the previous games.

Check this to turn off the precise, recoil-heavy aiming style of Uncharted 3 and return to the eight-way simplicity of Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog says the patch is the result of extensive fan feedback, with the revised aiming style being one of the most common nitpicks with the new title.

The Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer beta is in full swing and the first patch v has just landed fixing a number of reported glitches.

To that end, we combed over a multitude of comments and forum posts to see what you wanted changed in the multiplayer game. We took the most highly-sought changes mentioned and made them happen. If you want to talk to us more about any of the changes, please join us in our Reddit AMA celebrating the Uncharted 3 two year anniversary Friday, November 1st from 3: We wanted to celebrate our two biggest changes to the multiplayer in a video.

A new map, and all our DLC maps, meaning all the multiplayer maps are now free… pretty cool, huh? When the Dry Docks map was pitched as a single-player level for Uncharted 3, the talented Game Designer Junki Saita was working on a number of setups for the level.